DARFChainERP + tokens exchange on blockchain



Distributed Accounting Resource and Finance system in blockChain



- distributed ERP system uses blockchain as distributed trusted-unmutable database, which consists of an ERP server that provides analytical manageral accounting of the fiat and crypto-currencies, the exchange of tokens, the partner mobile application - the wallet  that allows receiving payments via SMS, maintain primary accounting and data exchange infrastructure in which the existing Public blockchains or their analogues. The system provides for the creation of a designer of semantical smart contracts and robots that trade tokens on external exchanges.


“Dar” means "gift" in Russian
“Darf” means  "may & should"  in German



The spread of Blockchain-technologies in business, the involvement of entrepreneurs in the use of digital currencies


To create an ERP-system  distributed  multi-token accounting, convenient for entrepreneurs with the use of blockchains as a transport medium and an environment of unchanged storage.


We make modules to connect existing ERP systems to blockchain:

  • with token exchange & trading bots,
  • with billing & payment w/o smartphones, via SMS,
  • with constructor and semantizator of smart contracts.



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DARFchain Architecture

DARFChain Architecture

Under Hood

What's under the hood?

In an open source ERP system, such Odoo (~2 millions existing users in the world), and in the desktop and mobile version we add new module as interface to blockchains. For each account (counteragents, subreports, employees, etc.), the address in the blockchain (or different blockchains) is specified. To consolidate the accounting, a separate general project address is created, the transactions for which contain the service information of the accounting system (directories of counterparties, employees, goods / services), in the form of SQL queries.

At start  and regular during operation, the system reads the new transaction to the address of the project, updating goods, persons  and others directories and conducting transactions with addresses accounting in the local database (PostgreSQL or same).

When creating a cash posting (for example, transfer of money to an accountable person), a transaction is created in the blockchain (cross-transactions in different blockchains), posting credentials are copied to the public project address in an open or encrypted form.

When creating or editing a directory element - creates a transaction to a single address of the project.

Analytical work portion (reporting) occurs with a local database, which removes all delay update blockchain.

Mechanism design and implementation of a smart contracts implemented as RDF W3C (resource definition framework) constructor in accordance with schema.org, by adding the UI, allowing to describe all entities: objects and Person's account in accordance with schema.org standard to uniquely interpret their properties and relationships which will implement the "machine-readable" contracts.

That is, technically, in order to implement a system of semantic smart contracts, it is necessary to make a comparison between the nomenclature and the RDF node in the classifier of goods (services, other entities) and their properties in the ERP system. When creating a smart contract - write the values ​​of these properties in the format schema.org. Then, when reading, the smart contract receiver  can  both see the name of the product, and a semantic standardized description of its properties, which will automatically classify the product (service) and determine the correctness of the smart contract fulfillment at the semantic level.

In the mobile version for the transfer of money by SMS to be transmitted hash corresponding transaction blockchain. It is advisable to include in the transmitted hash receiver's phone number in order to avoid abuses. The seller of the mobile application sends via SMS customer invoice with the amount of the payment transaction and hash. If the buyer sends in response to the approval of the transaction, the transaction is carried out in blockchain.


The system is supplied free of charge under the GNU / GPL.

To speed up the carrying out of transactions in blockchain be charged. In the system, a user can specify a surcharge / discount to the average value of transactions in this blockchain, thereby increasing or decreasing the speed of conducting. The system takes a additional commission of 10% of the market value of the transaction.

Payment is made by system tokens [DARFIN] as programmable application tokes, after  distributed with Initial Coin Offering.

An additional monetization on cross-rates when translating between blockchains.

Why  DARFChain?

1.     User gets distributed accounting without needing investments is server infrastructure


2.    An Openness and trust between partners in the project 3.     The ability to conduct not only accounting, but financial transactions, from the transfer of tokens between employees as a salary or as accountable funds, up to the issue of their tokens ("shares", "bills", etc.) and trade in them; 4.     Freemium-model from start, now investments in software needed. 



Bakulev Konstantin



PhD in Economic, Director of the Institute of Social and Economic Modernization, economist, political scientist, philosopher, author of the idea of an international network of municipal economies, adviser to deputies of the Russian parliament of several convocations.


Stanislav (Stanta) Taktaev

        https://www.facebook.com/sa.taktaev ,


Entrepreneur since 1997

Launched a federal network of SMS dating, 2 million users in 2009-2011

The first cryptocurrency project is the Exchange of mutual guarantees, 2014.  http://surexchain.com

Programmer since 1988.

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